Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I've been thinking quite a lot about the christmas project over the last couple of days and have had a few ideas.
When i was in Edinburgh there were a lot of childrens shows and one that had a huge amount of success was Room on the Broom by Tall Stories theatre company. This is a well loved story and Tall Stories adapted it into an interactive, fun filled show.
I had an idea that for the christmas event we could possibly take some classic childrens stories and adapt them into short performances that continue throughout the day on a sort of loop. This would mean that visitors could wander around and see all the performances as well as enjoy other activities. It would also mean that children and parents of all ages could enjoy them. They could be interactive as well so that children can get involved in telling the story with costumes and props.
Jorge was saying that they wanted to focus on family fun so i think its important that everyone can get involved, not just the kiddies!!!
What do people think?


  1. I really love the idea that the children might be involved in building the stories with costumes and props. I think if we play with charm and playfulness this might be a fantastic way of working.

  2. I really like this idea. We could adapt old fairy tales to be modern and christmas like with costumes and props etc... It could be magical and fantasy like. We could also get the children involved in the acting by becoming characters like forum theatre????

  3. Using old fairy tales is a great idea, as the adults always like to remember the stories they used to listen, which makes easier to create "family fun" and not only children’s fun.